*We just wanted to let you know that we have thoroughly enjoyed your products. Over the years I have purchased datil pepper products from many different companies, by far, yours is the BEST! I hope and pray you never adjust the quality of what you have now. For the first time we are trying your BBQ and datil spice. Both of which have been fantastic. And of course, extra-hot sauce which has been and remains GREAT! Again, thanks for making/producing such a FANTASTIC product!
Richard & Cathy Bramlitt

*I just wanted to write to let you all know how much I appreciate your products  I found one of your products (vinegar) a few years ago when I was visiting St. Augustine.  I am a big fan of collard greens and I think your vinegar enhances their taste wonderfully.

Since then I have tried every product in your catalogue. I have found all of them to be excellent. In fact I am even growing datil peppers in the backyard with the seeds you guys sold me.  Your hot sauce has really made a difference in my life. Early this year I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor strongly suggested that I reduce my sodium intake. For me this was a difficult undertaking because I like to eat. Without salt meals began to taste alot like dining on different grades of mildly flavored cardboard. I craved the taste of salt continuously and, it was becoming difficult to stick to my diet. One day I hit upon the idea of substituting your hot sauce for salt in my main dishes. The blending, complexity and depth of taste of your product added a new dimension to the dishes. Many of the recipes tasted better than they ever did, particularly soups, stews, sauces and meats.

After awhile I became so enthralled with the hot sauce I quit adding additional salt at the table or the pot. I simply did not disire the taste of salt any longer. As an added bonus I was able to  cut my caloric intake and dropped my weight from 254 to 230 pounds! Thank you all very much

Jeff Trotta


*I just have to tell you, the Minorcan Datil Pepper garlic mayonnaise is to die for!!!!  What a difference from the stuff we get in the grocery store.  So fresh, creamy and just lovely.  Wow!



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